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With the abundance of computer hackers in the world, no company or government database can be truly called safe if left on its own. Hackers spend their days attempting to break into these entities’ computers, to steal important and sensitive information, as well as to play pranks or do serious harm in bringing down critical networks. Hacking stories are all over the news now-a-days and has become a prevalent and detrimental issue. Fortunately for civilization as we know it, counter hackers are now employed to search for and eliminate the plots of the hacker group. A program which validates the training and skills of these anti-hackers is known as the EC-Council ECSA Certification.

EC-Council ECSA Certification includes three different levels of testing for anti-hacking training and skill competencies. These three designations are the Certified Ethical Hacker, also known as CEH, the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, or ECSA, and the Licensed Penetration Tester, or LPT. This first designation, the Certified Ethical Hacker, teaches the candidate about hacking technologies and tools.

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst program progresses a significant step beyond this base knowledge. ECSA investigates the analytical phase for ethical hacking. This program goes beyond the CEH in contemplating the end results of these hacking technologies and tools. ECSA classes aid candidates in making the difficult assessments necessary for efficiently uncovering and counteracting infrastructure security risks and dangers, using revolutionary techniques and methods for penetration testing.

The highest designation for an anti-hacker is the Licensed Penetration Tester. The LPT program is built upon both the CEH and ECSA knowledge base and skill sets. This level of LPT teaches candidates the business side of penetration testing. It seeks to bring in the various superior practices and techniques used by the most experienced professionals in the infrastructure security industry.

Preparation for the ECSA and LPT exams involves a rigorous and interactive five day long security class established to show network security professionals the advanced applications of the techniques, various tools, and methodologies needed to practice administering total information and network security tests. In this program, candidates learn the means of creating, securing, and testing out protocols for networks to ensure that an organization is protected from the dangers created by hackers. In instructing candidates in the revolutionary techniques and methodologies for penetration and security testing, this program aids in doing the intense assessments necessary in order to efficiently process and counteract the dangers to infrastructure security. Candidates are taught to both identify, as well as to side step and counteract, the threats. Candidates will be required to pass a series of exams to attain these three certifications.

The advantages to be had from this program are many. ECSA is intended for professionals in the security business and is taught from a curriculum created by the most recognized experts in the industry. Such security professionals receive a great deal of credibility, as this program is well accepted by the industry. The candidates are taught to analyze the end results of utilizing security testing protocols and security tools.

Every firm and governmental agency needs these kinds of people working for them. It is often said that the hackers are always a step ahead of the companies and government agencies. In using these skills taught by the anti-hacking program, organizations can finally hope to catch up to the hackers, to be on an even footing with them, if not a step ahead themselves.

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